What Are Different Types Of Self-Storage Options


The self-storage option is the most suitable one for those who need to store their big toys like a boat, car, ATV, wine and other personal belongings. The Rent storage space (เช่าพื้นที่เก็บของ; which is the term in Thai) comes with a lot of subtypes such as wine storage, drive up storage, climate-controlled storage, Business storage, etc. Let’s read the article at its end and find out the most suitable storage option for you.

Drive Up Storage

Drive-up storage is one of the most common types of self-storage that you should know. The drive-up storage is the best idea if you want to handle your belongings from any keep or safe place. The drive-up storage is the best idea for people who need to load and unload their goods as per theory requirements. In that case, you need to drive up to your unit to add the belongings that you wish to leave.

Climate Controlled Storage

This is another common type of Rent storage space that the tenants can avail of. The purpose of climate-controlled storage is to protect your item from wind and rain. In climate-controlled storage, climate control is the most essential amenity security. The climate-controlled storage is ideal for storing some furniture or antique pieces.  This way, you can prevent extra moisture, especially in the hot and humid season.

Business Storage

The business storage option is generally ideal for people who need to buy a lot of inventories at once. This storage could be suitable for people if you don’t have a proper storefront. In that case, they need to rent storage space to store all the valuable things of their businesses. You can use this self-storage unit to operate your business without hassle. Apart from that, it also saves you money, promontory, equipment, etc.

Wine Storage

The wine storage idea works well for people who need to preserve the original taste of their expensive wine. Wine needs some storage requirements to check the aging of the bottle contents. In case of too much heat, humidity and light, vibration can make the bottle go bad.  If kept properly, the wine can last for decades, even centuries.


There are a lot of storage options that you can get as Rent storage space. Every storage option comes with its features. It would help to choose from them depending on your needs and requirements. Let’s find suitable storage options for your valuable belongings from the above guide.

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