Is Sculptra Better Than Fillers? How Does It Work On Your Face?


Like other dermal fillers, Sculptra can reinvigorate your appearance by plumping up drooping skin. Sculptra stands out from the crowd of fillers because it does more than delay the signs of ageing. To help you decide (Sculptra vs Filler, which is right for you, keep on reading this article..

A Brief Overview Of Sculptra And Fillers

Now that we’ve covered the basics of fillers and Sculptra let’s compare the two. Fillers are a popular choice for ageing ladies since they temporarily plump up skin that has lost volume from the effects of age. Since this was the original intent of the Sculptra technology, many people consider it a filler.

Sculptra, conversely, is unique among fillers in that it targets drooping skin by promoting the body’s inherent collagen production. Sculptra tackles the loss of collagen, a key cause of sagging skin, while fillers amplify the appearance of the skin.

How Does Sculptra Act On The Skin?

A transparent gel called Sculptra is injected into certain facial areas to stimulate collagen production. This is how the procedure works. Sculptra is not, in and of itself, a collagen-producing substance. Injecting Sculptra into your skin sends signals encouraging your body to produce collagen, which it then uses to plump up areas that have lost volume. Because of this, the area where the Sculptra was injected will stimulate the body to manufacture more collagen.

Because new collagen fills up these areas rapidly, making them smoother and firmer, creases and folds will seem less evident after you have more collagen on that part of your face. Except for crow’s feet, which Sculptra can not address, deep facial wrinkles brought on by ageing or fluctuations in weight can be improved with this injectable.

Would You Recommend Sculptra Over Fillers? Does It Have Any Effect On The Face?

Since Sculptra is most effective on severe folds and wrinkles, it may have little impact on those who desire a fuller face. Since fillers can be used to fill in deep wrinkles and folds and elevate your skin to make your face look fuller—something Sculptra cannot accomplish on its own—fillers may be a better choice if you desire a fuller face without excessively apparent facial wrinkles and folds.

Sculptra is still superior to fillers because, unlike fillers, it stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin rather than merely adding volume or fullness.

In contrast, Sculptra is a labour-intensive process. Although injectable fillers’ results are seen immediately, the full impact of Sculptra may not be noticeable for up to six months. That being said, Sculptra is a great choice if you value timelessness highly.


Regarding cosmetic procedures targeting drooping skin, Sculptra and fillers are among the best options. While fillers and Sculptra both accomplish the same goal—renewing the skin—Sculptra has the added advantage of reversing deep creases and sagging while simultaneously stimulating collagen formation.

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