Emergency Towing 101: What To Do When You Need A Slide Car


What’s The Purpose Of Towing And How Does It Work?

Towing can be used for the recovery of a disabled vehicle. It aids in the repair work by transporting the faulty car into a workshop for repair work. While there are many uses for a tow truck, like repossession of leased vehicles, it is mainly used for recovery purposes.

There are many ways in which a slide car (รถสไลด์, which is the term in Thai) works. Some may attach cables to the metal frame of the car’s chassis, others may load the vehicle into the truck’s flatbed, and others use hooks to lift the front of the car by its chassis.

Technology has come a long way since very early concepts of the tow truck were conceived in the early 1900s. Three main types of towing are utilized in the modern era, these are:

·      Flatbed Tow Truck

These slide cars feature a flatbed hoisted by hydraulic pistons that can be adjusted to an incline or decline and extended when loading or unloading a vehicle. These towing vehicles are most popular when cars that can’t move due to destroyed axles or damaged tires must be recovered from accidents as they don’t rely on the vehicle being in driving condition.

·      Wheel-Lift Tow Truck

These tow trucks use a metal axle called a yoke that latches onto the front or back two wheels and lifts them up by hydraulic or pneumatic power to achieve towing capacity. While they are considered riskier, often causing damage to the car’s body, wheel-lift tow trucks are ideal for pickups that are short distances and are generally more efficient compared to other methods.

·      Hook And Chain Tow Truck

This is the simplest and most rugged of all systems discussed thus far. This type of tow truck utilizes a hook or claw connected to a chain. A motor or hydraulics powers this chain. This hook is fixed to the front or back of the car’s chassis.

Let’s Summarise!

Different scenarios call for different types of towing mechanisms. Pricing is different for every kind discussed. Flatbeds offer more loading capacity but are expensive. Hook-and-chain are the cheapest of the lot; however, they are also the riskiest. So choose the best option for you and what you feel the need of the hour is. Often, companies offer different selections of slide cars that suit your needs the best.

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