5 Tips To Keep Your Rolex Watch Shining Always


Want to purchase a brand new Rolex watch? But afraid of taking care? Don’t worry. Now, you can take care of your brand-new Rolex Thailand watch hassle-free. Let’s read the article till its end to learn the tips to keep your Rolex in utmost care.

Wipe It Just After Wearing

After you wear your watch every time, start wiping to remove the extra dirt layer. You can also use paper towels, but microfiber and charno cloth are always recommended. These clothes can better watch the dust layer than other clothing.

Store The Watch Properly

When you are not wearing the watch, it’s essential to store your watch correctly. This way, you can protect the watch from damage. In that case, you can use your watch box to keep your watch. If the box is damaged Or you have lost it, then you can store it in a soft cloth by wrapping it so that it can get protection from scratches and dust. Apart from that, it’s also necessary to keep your watch away from direct sunlight.

Avoid Magnetic Field

You should keep your expensive Rolex watches away from magnetic fields that interfere with the watch’s working. In that case, your watch can show you an inaccurate time and date. To avoid that, keep your watch away from magnetic fields found on speakers, phones and other devices.

Be Gentle With The Watch

The Rolex watches are expensive. Rather than a simple timepiece, this watch can be presented as the style statement and the center of attraction. It would help if you handled it with care. Ensuring the watch doesn’t get dropped and knocked against any hard surfaces would help if you avoided the activities that can cause bumps on your watch.

Avoid Contacting With Chemicals

You should ensure that your Rolex Thailand doesn’t come into contact with soap, detergent, perfume and other chemicals. By exposing your watch to various chemicals, you can damage the strap easily. You should make sure that the watch gets entirely dried before wearing it. Apart from that, direct sun exposure for a long time can cause it to fade.


All these are the tips to make your Rolex Thailand shine always. With those tips, you can also take good care of your valuable belongings. Let’s find the most suitable Rolex watch on your budget and make it shine for a lifetime.


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